Find your groove,
own your space,
hold your nerve

Hello! I’m Ruth. I’m a self-belief coach and I help my clients live bigger, braver and more fun-filled lives. I support them to rein in their self-doubt, cultivate their self-belief, and navigate life with courage, resourcefulness, compassion and spirit, so they can say ‘whatever happens, I have my own back’ with conviction.

If you’d love to live a life anchored in healthy self-belief, and you’re up for some insightful conversation, compassionate challenge and bold experimentation to help you get there – I’m your woman. Book an introductory call to explore working with me.

Ruth Parkinson standing by pillar


It’s an obstacle-course of a world out there, and it’s easy to feel battle-scarred and ill-equipped to deal with whatever comes your way. Self-doubt can:

  • Tether us to the status quo
  • Thwart our ideas, dreams and desires – we can plan the hell out of an idea yet somehow it doesn’t reach fruition
  • Overwhelm us, often out of nowhere, and lead to paralysis
  • Makes us feel all over the place and unable to settle or focus.
  • Make us fearful and hyper vigilant, in permanent hunched-shoulders mode


Buoyant self-belief is a wonderful thing.
It enables you to:

  • Feel connected to and grounded in your own values and needs
  • Cruise in your groove – make intuitive decisions backed by sound judgement and wisdom
  • Have your own back and show up in the world with confidence and optimism
  • Experiment with new ideas without fear of failure or judgement
  • Understand and be best friends with your own glorious self, with a well-stocked inner toolkit with which to navigate life
  • Hold your nerve and go through with things


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