How I can help you

We can work together to:
  • Understand the root causes of your self-doubt, thicken your own narratives and enable your self-belief to flourish
  • Redefine how you want to show up in the world and own your space
  • Create sustainable strategies, habits and resources to move forwards with purpose towards a bright and fulfilling future
Clients come to me particularly for the following:
  • When they sense there’s a bigger and braver life out there calling them, and they wish to reconnect with their purpose
  • When they’d like their activist life to be less stressful and conflicted and more in flow
  • When self-doubt appears acutely for them and imposter syndrome kicks in, such as in a new job or approaching a particular life stage
  • When life feels like it’s on repeat, and they are finding it hard to break out of cycles of beliefs and behaviours that hold them back
  • When they feel overwhelmed or battle-scarred – maybe they have experienced a few setbacks or a life shock in the recent past – and want to press the reset button

‘Ruth supported me to step back into my own power. It’s been completely eye-opening and both the present and future look bright and welcoming as a result. Ruth’s a superb coach – money and time well spent’.

What you can expect

As a coach, my work is founded on the belief that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. You are the expert of your lived experiences and your story matters. All that you need is already within you. You are not broken or in need of “fixing”. My work with you is non-judging, focused on you as a whole person, confidential, safe, enabling and I am always in your corner. I aim to listen well and show up with an open heart and mind. I’m a trauma-aware practitioner and will tell you if I feel you need a different kind of support for where you are at right now.

Please read my Values and Behaviours statement to find out more about what drives me.

And here’s a bit more about my background, experience and interests.


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